Chargers For Batteries BIG & Small

Battery Tender Power Plus series chargers have more power and can charge batteries BIG and small. Integrated Wi-Fi lets you connect your charger to the internet, get alerts, and control your charger from your iOS or Android device. The Power Plus series also gives you the power to connect your battery to the Internet

A Charger For Every Situation

Packed With New Features, An Internet Connection, and The Latest Technology


Control & Monitor Charger From Mobile Device

20 Amp Boost For More Power

Jump Start / Engine Start Assist Mode

ISM™ Adaptive Charging and Maintenance


State of the art battery charging technology

Internet connection for remote monitoring and control

iOS and Android Apps

Jump start your battery if vehicle won't start

Connect It. Forget It. Get Alerts.

Battery Tender® battery chargers just work, that's why we've always said: “Connect it, and Forget it.”

Today, we’re sayingConnect It. Forget It. Get Alerts.because the new generation of Power Plus™ series of battery chargers are just as easy to use as all of our other products, but now the charger will send an alert to your mobile device when it needs your attention.

Being Informed Is The Best Safety Feature

Your vehicle’s battery will report it’s status while it’s in range of your home Wi-Fi network. You will receive an alert to your mobile device if the Battery Monitor detects that your battery may not be holding a charge the way it should.

Alert Scenarios:

Battery is sulphated and isn’t holding a charge

Vehicle light was left on and is draining battery

Average voltage is low over a period of time

Battery should be checked for effectiveness