Previous model LCA Lithium Batteries are no longer available. Product manuals can be found here: Product Manuals

Battery Tender® is developing batteries
that last longer because they are smarter.

Includes a Wireless Battery Monitor.
Download our Deltran Connected App* and get battery status alerts directly to your mobile device.

*Deltran Connected App for iOS users only.
Battery Tender® App for Android user only.

New AGM SERIES Batteries

The Battery Tender® AGM Power Sport Batteries are simple to install and maintenance free. There is no need to add water and each model is designed with sealed posts. They are high performance batteries not affected by temperature ranges and are vibration resistant.


  • High Performance
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Acid Handling
  • Non-Spillable Design
  • Sealed Posts
  • No Need To Add Water
  • Vibration Resistance 
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New SMART Lithium Engine Start Batteries

The Smart Lithium Batteries are undergoing rigorous testing to ensure you experience the ultimate battery performance.

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Features Sneak Peak:

  • Safer, Intelligent and Internet Connected
  • BMS Shut Off Allows Longer Battery Life
  • Self Protection From:
    • Over-Charging
    • Over-Discharging
    • Over-Drain

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