Battery Tender® Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday Gift Guide

Give peace of mind this holiday season!
The gift that keeps on giving!

Tired of hearing your loved one, friend, or neighbor complaining about a dead battery every time their plans are altered due to a dead battery? We have the perfect Holiday gift for you to give. Battery Maintenance is inexpensive and easy to do.


Winterize Your Toys With Battery Tender®

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Winterize Your Toys

The Cold weather is here which means some of your toys are being stored for the winter.

Removing your battery from your vehicle or disconnecting your battery may seem like the logical solution to preventing a dead battery. However, even a battery not in use and not connected will lose significant battery capacity/storage each day. This loss is significant enough to keep your battery from firing up from one weekend to the next.


Battery Tender 2017 Community Involvement

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Blog Header Image: Battery Tender 2017 Giving Season

Deltran works with many charities and foundations throughout the year. We take great pride in giving back to those who need it most; either through donating our time, products for raffles, silent auctions, and monetary donations. We know how important community is and we do our part to help those in need in as many ways as we can.

Below are some notable organizations that we believe in and support. These groups do great work and we encourage you to support them too.