Know The Signs Of A Dead Battery

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Know The Signs Of A Dead Battery

Here are some indicators you should look for to let you know that your battery is on its last leg. There are a few key indicators to look for:

The first sign is a slow engine crank. Your engine won’t


Jumper Cables Can "Fry" Your Car

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Jumper Cables Can Fry Your Car

Statistically, February is the coldest month of the year – Watch out! We’re almost at the peak of winter. That means more engines that won’t start and calls to the office to tell your boss that you’re going to be late.

Cold weather is hard on vehicle starting systems, but there are other potential dangers you need to be aware of when you’re trying to get your engine started.


It May Not Be Too Late To Save Your Battery

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It May Not Be To Late To Save Your Battery

The best way to keep your battery healthy in cold conditions is to keep it maintained with a smart charger
until it’s time to take your vehicle out for the first drive of the year. However, if you forgot to plug your battery charger into your battery prior to winter it may not be too late.

Disconnecting your battery from the vehicle will not be enough to keep your battery from losing its charge, that’s why a smart charger is required to protect your vehicle’s battery.


Engineering Corner: Batteries Are Constantly Going Dead

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Blog Header Image: Batteries Are Constantly Going Dead But They Don't Need To

Batteries are constantly going dead from vehicles with newer electronics or ones that are only being driven every few days... so naturally most people will assume that if they disconnect the battery from the vehicle that the drain on the battery will stop.

While speaking with our Engineering department and technical writer Dan Williams he was able to clear up the common assumptions that lead to battery pitfalls.