Stop/Start Engine Systems Can Be More Efficient

Posted by Battery Tender | March 7, 2017 1 Comment

Blog Header Image: Stop Start Engine Systems Can Be More Efficient

Stop start vehicle can increase fuel economy by up to 5% if they are working properly. They do this by shutting the engine off when the vehicle is idling at a stoplight or in heavy traffic. Quite simply, if the engine is off, you aren’t burning fuel.

The added fuel efficiency does add more stress on the battery, which is why you should use a battery charger on your Stop/Start vehicles. Using a Battery Tender battery charger daily will helps save fuel and makes your stop start vehicle work more efficiently and effectively.

How Common Is Stop/Start?

By 2020, 70 percent of all new light passenger vehicles are expected to have Stop/Start functionality.

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Slightly Discharged When You Park

When you drive a “normal” vehicle, you’ll typically only crank your engine once before you park. With a Stop/Start engine system, you may start your engine a dozen times or more. This puts a lot of extra strain on your battery and the battery may be slightly discharged when you park. Ideally, you should have a full battery when you start your engine, especially if you live in cold weather or places where battery failures are more common.

Lost Opportunity For Saving Money

If you start your engine and the battery isn’t full, then the Stop/Start function will only begin to operate again once the alternator has had a chance to top up the battery again. This means that you won’t get those savings right away.

When The Engine Is Off, The Battery Does All The Work

While the engine is off the battery is the sole source of energy for systems like air conditioning, radios, and lights. If you are in heavy traffic and stop more than you drive you could end up with a partially discharged battery at the end of the drive. Byfully charging the battery in your vehicle each night you can rest assured the Stop/Start system will maximize your economy.