Stay Safe On The Water During The Summer Months

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Stay Safe On The Water During The Summer Months

Are Family Boating outings top of mind for this summer?  

No matter what your experience level is be sure to run through your safety items and check to ensure that everything is ready to go if you were to ever need it.

A few things you should look for:

  • Condition of your life jackets and make sure they are US coast guard approved
  • Whistle is on board as well as a horn are always advised
  • An additional throw device on board is recommended
  • Fire extinguisher is still within its expiration date
  • Check your navigation running lights
  • Flares are always a safe back up plan to have stored away but always check those dates as well
  • Check your bilge pumps
  • Boat lines are not frayed or worn too heavily
  • Check your batteries voltage levels and be sure to place the batteries on a charger for a full charge and maintenance if you have not kept your boat batteries on a charger all fall and winter
  • Be sure to carry your boat documentation with you

A few things you may want to check on if you are trailering your boat is the condition of all bearings and wheels/tires as well as the spare tire. Be sure to carry all necessary tools and equipment to change your tire while on the go. Don’t forget to stay safe and have fun with friends and family!

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