Engineering Corner: Solar

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Engineering Corner: Solar

The sun is shining, and temperatures are intense at this time of year. 

It may be unbearably hot for some but now is the time to take advantage of the intense sunlight with solar panels. Solar Battery Chargers are easy to use, independent from the electric grid, are safe and reliable, and don’t produce any waste.

The team here at Battery Tender® by DelTran is often asked how someone can maximize the voltage output from your solar panel. The number one tip we have for our customers is positioning the panel in the most direct sunlight available. Keep these things in mind when trying to get that perfect positioning.

Time of year and large objects:

  1. In winter months the sun is positioned lower with generally a few more cloudier days that may prevent direct sunlight. The sun is higher in the sky during the summer months and the sunlight is more intense.
  2. Pay attention to shade caused by trees and large objects. Shadows move throughout the day and may hide the sun if you don’t account for the change in the position of the sun.

Panels are a fixed object within a frame. Which means positioning is important as the sun will move but your panel will stay in a fixed location. Most solar consumers have their panels mounted in a vehicles dash, on a building/vehicle roof, or in some instances on a fence to maintain a stationary battery. Because these panels are typically in fixed locations (unless you move them throughout the day) the planet will rotate and the sun will be in a different position relative to the panel so direct light will not be continuous.

Why does this matter you ask? According to; "For maximum conversion of sunlight into solar electricity, solar panels need to be mounted at an angle for them to point directly at the sun. Depending upon how the panel is mounted, it may be kept at a permanent angle, or adjusted throughout the year to take full advantage of the suns solar energy. Adjustment of a static mounted photovoltaic solar system can result in 10% to 40% more power output yearly making a considerable difference to the charging time for batteries."

If possible, use a tilt mount to manually adjust the tilt and angle of your panels throughout the year. This will ensure optimal sunlight and charging.

Here at DelTran we have made the process of connecting a solar panel to your battery simple and quick. Each model is designed with mounting screw holes and a frame. This will allow you to use a tilt bracket or customize the application and positioning to suit your needs. Battery Tender® Solar Panels are manufactured with a built-in Battery Tender® 3-step automatic microprocessor which recognizes when your battery has reached 100% charge and then will drop to a maintenance mode. Each panel is 100% portable. Perfect for storage space without power access. Battery Tender® Solar Panels have a built-in charge controller to prevent overcharging. If a panel is not equipped with a microprocessor controller then voltage will continually be pushed to the battery at full strength even after the battery has reached a full charge. This will damage your battery and could eventually kill it. Click here for more information on Battery Tender® Solar Chargers

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