Preparing For Severe Weather Can Be Stressful Enough

Posted by Battery Tender | October 4, 2017 2 Comments

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Preparing for severe weather can be stressful enough. The last thing on anyone’s mind is the status of their battery; but it shouldn’t be. Preventing a dead battery and making sure your battery is in peak condition can ensure that you’ll be able to evacuate without any delays should you need to go in a hurry.

"Taking proactive steps to protect your family and property from severe storms before they hit can save lives and minimize damage to your home or business. Severe storms including hailstorms, winter storms, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage in the United States every year. When big storms hit, many families find themselves disorganized and unprepared. When preparing for a storm, it is important to have a storm plan and make sure everyone in your home knows the plan, in case of emergency. Having a plan increases your chances of keeping you and your family safe."

–National Storm Damage Center

Things With Batteries You Should You Keep Charged:

  • Backup Generator With Electric Start
  • All-Terrain and Power Sport Vehicle
  • Car or Truck
  • Portable Jump Starters
  • RVs / Campers / Motorhomes


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Here are a few products that could be useful in an emergency.

Power Plus™ 75 Amp

Portable Jump Pack & Jump Starters

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