Porsche Trunk Won’t Open Because Of Dead Battery

Posted by Battery Tender | February 27, 2017 0 Comments

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It’s a fact of life, all batteries will eventually fail to hold a charge. Keeping a battery properly charged with a smart battery charger can extend its life by a number of years, but no battery will last forever.

In most cases, replacing a failed battery is not a big deal; you just take the battery out, put a new one in and you’re ready to hit the road. It’s quite a bit more difficult for owners of certain Porsche models where the battery is located in the trunk or boot of the vehicle. The release mechanism in these cars is electric and there is no mechanical release.

While doing research for this article, we found this video which reveals a secret trunk release behind the driver’s side front wheel. To be fully transparent, WE HAVE NOT TESTED THIS METHOD and we can’t verify that it works.There are several ways to open the Porsche trunk when the battery is dead, but these will depend on the model you own. You may want to use a crowbar to get in there, but we suggest that you check your Porsche’s owner’s manual for instructions instead. There are a lot of of videos showing the different methods people have used to get their Porsche trunks open. The one we embedded in this article seems to be the most comprehensive.

Secret Release Hidden Behind Driver’s Side Front Tire

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Please leave a comment if you’ve ever run into this battery issue with your car and let us know how you fixed it.