Movie Night Under The Stars (And Other Fun Ways To Use An Inverter)

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Movie Night Under The Stars (And Other Fun Ways To Use An Inverter)

The extra-long winter seems to be over finally and it feels like summer weather is quickly approaching.  

May is the official kick off of fun summer activities with school coming to a close, Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, and many exciting sporting and racing events are just around the corner. After months of being stuck indoors because of snow and ice, it’s finally time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Being outside is fantastic but there are so many luxuries we rely on in our homes. Would you spend even more time outdoors if you could use some of the luxuries away from where you live? A power inverter allows you to convert DC (direct current) electricity from your vehicle’s battery to standard household AC (alternating current) electricity. That means you can power almost any home device, like a blender or a microwave, with a standard car battery.

Side note: Inverters have been around for a long time and are unlikely to damage your battery. Battery Tender® inverters are designed to detect when a battery’s charge level is too low and will shut it off, and everything plugged into it off.

Inverter Being Used At The BeachThere are so many ways an inverter can be used. We’ve come up with a list of 10 interesting ways to use an inverter.

  • Movie Night: Set up a big screen TV or a projector outside and have a movie night under the night sky.
  • Smoothies At The Beach: Pack some ice, some orange juice, and some fruit before heading out to the beach. Use a blender by the water and have a frozen treat.
  • Blow Dry By The Lake: Use a hair dryer after getting your hair wet at the lake. Being out in the woods doesn’t mean your hair can’t look fabulous.
  • Oral Hygiene On The Go: 4 out of 5 dentists agree that you should keep your electric toothbrush charged when you're away from home.
  • Caffeinating With Ease: Sure you could make coffee over a fire but it would be easier to use your coffee machine.
  • Fresh From The Forrest Furniture: Cut down a tree and bust out your table saw. Make a coffee table right at the source.
  • Vacuum The Lawn: Seriously, don’t vacuum the grass; it won’t make it any cleaner.
  • Virtual Reality In The Field: You’re bound to run into walls if you walk around with a VR helmet in your house. That would not be an issue if you’re out in the middle of a giant field.
  • Buzz Buzz That Beard: Do mountain men have a beard because they want to look rugged or because they’re afraid of razors? We may never know how they feel about shaving with a blade, but we do know they don’t mind electric razors and clippers.
  • Hot Fresh Popcorn: Movie night under the stars is great. Now imagine that with fresh hot popcorn using a microwave or an air popper. Lights, camera, magic!

Inverters can be used with all sorts of appliances such as toasters, small refrigerators, electric fans, lamps, computers, and more. If you’d like to tell us some cool ways that you use an inverter, tag @BatteryTender and use hashtags #InverterFun and #BatteryTender on Twitter and/or Instagram.

If you’d like to learn more about the Battery Tender® line of Inverters, click on the link below:

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