It May Not Be Too Late To Save Your Battery

Posted by Battery Tender | January 9, 2018 7 Comments

It May Not Be To Late To Save Your Battery

The best way to keep your battery healthy in cold conditions is to keep it maintained with a smart charger
until it’s time to take your vehicle out for the first drive of the year. However, if you forgot to plug your battery charger into your battery prior to winter it may not be too late.

Disconnecting your battery from the vehicle will not be enough to keep your battery from losing its charge, that’s why a smart charger is required to protect your vehicle’s battery.

Here Are Some Steps To Check If Your Battery Is Still Alive:

You can quickly check if your battery is viable if you have a voltmeter. If your voltage meter shows that the battery is above 12.3V then make sure you plug in a smart charger for charging and maintenance right away. You may not be able to start your vehicle at all by the time your battery drops to 12.1V or lower.

You can also try starting your vehicle. If it starts then you know that the battery is healthy, however we still suggest connecting a smart charger so that you can have peace of mind that your battery will still work when the winter months are over.

How To Check Your Battery Voltage:

  1. Try starting your vehicle
  2. Turn off your vehicle if it started
  3. If the vehicle didn’t start then a smart charger may be able to restore it, but not in all cases. You may need to take the battery to a local mechanic to have the battery tested
  4. Adjust voltmeter to DC volts (20 volt range)
  5. Connect your voltage meter
    • Take the positive battery cap off of the terminal exposing the battery post
    • Take the negative battery cap off of the terminal exposing the battery post
    • Connect the voltage meter positive to the positive battery post
    • Connect the voltage meter negative to the negative battery post
  6. Read the voltage meter.
    • If your battery is above 12.3V now is the time to connect a smarter charger
    • If the voltage is below 12.1, it’s likely that the battery will not be able to start your engine. You will either need to charge the battery or potentially replace it if it’s been damaged.
  7. Remove the voltage meter from the battery and place terminal caps back on the battery posts.

We can’t stress this enough, but maintaining a battery is less expensive than replacing one.

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