Battery Tender® By Deltran: The Most Trusted Brand For 50+ Years

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No longer just your go to for battery charging needs. Battery Tender® by Deltran has a complete line of battery inverters to keep all your electronics running while you are on the go.

It may feel like Summer is winding down quickly. The school year may be approaching quickly, or you may have a few more weeks of family time before the kids go back to school.

Headed out on the road for one last vacation? Maybe the family is dropping off a family member at college or boarding school don’t worry...we have in car solutions for you to keep your electronics powered and ready to go.

We have all become reliant on the luxuries of our homes…now you can bring those items to the outdoors and your vehicles! Battery Tender® Power Inverters allow you to run many appliances while you are on the go from the power of your vehicle’s battery or an additional battery.

The Battery Tender® 750W Power Inverter provides mobile capability to deliver electric power for AC appliances when there is no traditional AC power outlet available. The Alligator Clips connect directly to the vehicle’s battery to provide the nominal 12 VDC input power for the inverter. The Dual AC output connectors provide the means to run a number of traditional appliances like fans, lamps, radios, TVs, toasters, or microwave devices, and others. Also, the 2 USB output connectors provide 5 volt DC power to run other devices like digital cameras, fans, game consoles, GPSs, lamps, and more. An LCD screen provides real-time status of % output power consumption, vehicle battery voltage, and warning data.

Listed from $29.95-$69.95 and each model are equipped with a one year warranty.

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