Have A Great Ride Checklist

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Have A Great Ride Checklist

As the weather warms up and you’re getting ready to head out for some much needed wind therapy. It’s an exciting time of the year for bikers but make sure you keep safety in mind. Safety probably isn’t the first thing a person will think about ahead of Bike Week or going out for a ride, but we hope everyone is diligent and stays as safe as possible while on the road.

Have A Great Ride Checklist:

With warmer temps and beautiful weather it is hard to think about wearing protective gear. However, when it comes to riding safety it is a must.

  1. Helmets are not always legally required and wind in your hair may feel great but having a helmet on can save your life.
  2. Leather gear may seem extreme but they will keep you dry in the rain, warm in the cool weather, and even cool in hot weather. They are the all around go to for protection. Prevents road rash and broken bones if unexpectedly hit. Cover up with a jacket, pants, gloves, and riding boots.
  3. Take your keys out of your bike when you stop somewhere. Many bikers accidently leave the lights on when they step away from their bikes, which drains the battery. They may not be able to start their bike again when they get back. Taking your keys out of the ignition ensures that your bike’s electrical system is all the way off. A Portable jump starter is also great to have in situations where your bike won’t start. They are small enough to carry along on any ride and powerful enough to jumpstart your bike. Many small jump starters have a USB port and can be used to charge your phone as well!
  4. Goggles and protective eyewear is essential for blocking the glare of the sun and protect your eyes from UV light. Most importantly, you need to protect your eyes from small particles that are constantly kicked up from other vehicles. The last thing you want is getting blinded when you’re driving.
  5. Safety vests make it easier to be seen by the drivers around you. Brightly colored safety vests draw attention to you and can help to prevent accidents when changing lanes. Making yourself easy to see with a vest is one of the best safety investments you can make as a rider.
  6. Stay vigilant, scan your environment, check your blind spots and avoid distracted drivers. Assume that other drivers don’t know you’re there and be prepared to take action when necessary.
  7. We hope you never need it on your ride but a basic tool set will eventually come in handy.
  8. Keep your bike well maintained. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Check you headlight(s), taillights, and make sure break lights work correctly.

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