Engineering Corner: Don't Let Your Trolling Motor Leave You High And Dry

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Engineering Corner: Don't Let Your Trolling Motor Leave You High And Dry

Have you ever had your trolling motor leave you high and dry while you were out enjoying a day of fishing? If you fish like I do you probably have! 

Several years ago I was fishing a bass tournament with a marketing manager for a leading trolling motor company,

my trolling motor simply decided to shut down in the wee hours of the morning. I like most level headed fishermen started cussing the batteries but I remembered that I charged them all night with my Battery Tender charger so I knew they were up to snuff. Next in line was the trolling motor, the trolling motor had to be the culprit, when all else fails blame the trolling motor!

I’ll never forget what my friend said during my field analysis….."check the trolling motor plug." He told me that most of the time trolling motors are returned for repair only to find out it was the plug. I took one look at the plug and he was right, the plug had a corroded terminal under the cover…. Fortunately it was a quick fix and we were lucky enough to keep fishing without any more interruptions.

When I started hunting for a new plug I wanted the best I could buy because I didn’t want to go through the aggravation again. The problem was that the replacement plugs were just a cheaply made as the one I had in my boat so I set out to come up with a better mouse trap!

It took about a year but our engineers developed a heavy duty industrial grade plug with all Made in the USA stainless steel non-corrosive connectors. The plugs firm permanent connection is made possible by a simple locking stainless steel machined worm gear. When inserted into the mating connector the worm gear makes contact with two machined female receptors. The serrated knob makes a firm click when the connection is completed; it becomes a wiggle free firm contact that is UL certified for 80 DC Amps of continuous power.

I knew we had to make the plug completely fool proof and this one is. You can stand on it, pull on it, kick it, but you can’t kill it! A few people have told me it’s too expensive (it cost about 20% more) than the common replacement plugs on the market but it’s probably to last one you’ll have to buy.

The plugs were military tested in the war zones of Iraq, they’ve never had a failure! If you have ever had to deal with sparking and arcing caused by a faulty trolling motor plug look no farther Deltran has the plug for you!

The Deltran DC plug can also be used for winches, electric reels, or just about anything that requires good clean DC power!

~Chairman of DelTran Battery Tender Mike Prelec

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