Be Ready For Sunshine Boating Fun

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Be Ready For Sunshine Boating Fun

Boating season is here! It’s Friday night and you’ve spent the last few days getting everything ready for a perfect day on the water. Saturday morning comes and you’ve got everything you, your family, and friends will need for an amazing day. Everyone loads onto the boat and the motor won’t crank. The one thing you didn’t plan for was a dead battery and nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a dead battery.

Boating_smBatteries in boats are notorious for going dead or draining to extremely low levels. Most storage facilities and locations are not connected to power or boats are stored too far away to be power accessible. That’s where a solar panel like the Battery Tender® solar charger comes in. Solar panel battery chargers are the perfect solution for storing boats and other vehicles such as RVs and Campers in areas where power is unavailable. With a waterproof solar panel connected to your battery, you can keep your battery charged so you’re always ready to go.

For boating applications, a solar panel can be used to charge your main battery but it can also be used to make sure your trolling motor battery is always at a peak state of charge. Solar panels are also a perfect solution for certain kinds of powered automatic gates, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.

021-1164_10Watt Solar Tender_ Charger With Built-in Controller_view_1-500px-smSolar Panel battery maintenance has come a long way in the last five years. Something to keep in mind is your panel connected directly to the battery without a solar panel controller will not regulate the amperage input and could potentially damage your battery. Battery Tender® solar panels have a built-in controller which regulates the flow of power into the battery to make sure it doesn’t overcharge. This is the same technology you find in all Battery Tender® smart chargers. It is as simple as setting the panel in the sun; run the quick disconnect cable, which is included with the panel, to your battery, and you are ready to charge your battery from the sun!

If you already have a solar panel that does not have a built-in controller then Battery Tender® has solution for you as well. The solar controller that’s built into the Battery Tender® solar panels is also available as a stand-alone unit and is compatible with any 5-Watt to 45-Watt panel. Our Battery Tender® Solar Controller will regulate the power voltage from the panel to the battery. Essentially turning every panel into a smart charger; which will properly charge and maintain your battery while never over charging or discharging your battery.

You may have noticed many recent articles and news broadcasts regarding the solar industry and tariffs being applied to all solar panels being manufactured and brought into the United States. You don’t need to worry; Battery Tender® will not pass those tariffs on to you! We are maintaining our high quality solar products at our affordable prices.

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