A Battery Should Be Connected To A Smart Charger

Batteries are constantly going dead from vehicles with newer electronics or ones that are only being driven every few days... so naturally most people will assume that if they disconnect the battery from the vehicle that the drain on the battery will stop.

While speaking with our Engineering department and technical writer Dan Williams he was able to clear up the common assumptions that lead to battery pitfalls.

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Lone Car Drives On A Cold Morning

Quickly Charge Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries With 4 Amps Of Power

The Battery Tender® 4 Amp Power Tender is lightweight, compact, and fully automatic. It's very easy to use, just connect it, plug it in, and it works.

The versitile device can charge and maintain Lithium and Lead Acid batteries that are either 12v or 6v.

Key Features:

Intelligent Microcontroller


ISM Adaptive Charging

Reverse Hook-Up Protection

Connect It & Forget It

5 Year Warranty

Power Tender 4 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer For Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries